SB 1000

Senate Bill 1000 requires every city and county to adopt an environmental justice element upon the adoption or next revision of its general plan. The environmental justice element must identify:

  • Disadvantaged communities within the jurisdiction of the agency, including both those communities identified by CALEPA for the purpose of allocating cap-and-trade funding and communities with median household incomes below 80 percent of the statewide median.
  • Objectives and policies to reduce the health risks in disadvantaged communities through means that include reducing pollution exposure, improving air quality, and promoting food access, healthier homes, physical activity, and public amenities, as defined.
  • Objectives and policies to promote civil engagement in the public decisionmaking process. SB 1000 defines public amenities to include facilities such as community centers or water and transportation infrastructure, as well as other public services such as fire protection, public lighting, signage, and sidewalks.

Read SB 1000 in its entirety here: SB 1000

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